The Hamptons

Seaside villages that make up The Hamptons can easily be described as a state of mind as easily as a geographic location. A luxury backyard playground of the rich and famous alike, the Hamptons are never far from the public eye, whether in film, on television or through titillating gossip so often supplied by said rich and/or famous!

Given the glamour and luxury that signifies The Hamptons today, it’s hard to picture this setting, with its perfect combination of picturesque and sophistication, as once a collection of tiny hamlets, rural villages that formed the South Fork of 118-mile-long Long Island, NY.

Today The Hamptons boast some of the most expensive luxury properties in the U.S. The Sagaponack zip code (11962) was declared the most expensive small town in the nation in 2009. A wide range of housing pricing is available, of course.

And, in turn, The Hamptons provide a year-round vacation setting, with quaint New England Kodak moments around every bend, pristine beaches, exciting antiquing and shopping, fabulous restaurants, and year-round sports appeal. A full system of roads connect Long Island to surrounding mainlands, along with a ferry for easy connects to both Connecticut and New York.

A dream job for top luxury property realtors like Susan Breitenbach of Corcoran Group Real Estate.

The Hamptons’ “perfect light” that today draws noted artists from around the globe probably wasn’t what first attracted the fishermen who settled this picturesque area over 360 years ago. More likely they were looking for more profitable waters — and threatening to burn witches in their spare time.

No doubt their eyes did boggled at the incredible wide stretches of pristine beach, soothing ocean breezes and dramatic bluffs of Montauk, which create awesome views that have to be seen to be believed. Add to these delights the incredible luxury estates built by the wealthy families of New York and surrounding areas anxious to escape summer in the (then-un-air-conditioned) cities, and the quaint cottages built by those who came to serve and sell to them.

No wonder The Hamptons now boast among their famous residents Rockefellers, Kennedys, Calvin Klein, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Matt Lauer, Jerry Seinfield, Gwyneth Paltrow, Renee Zellweger, Martha Stewart, Jann Wenner, to name just a few. And they bring with them, of course, a demand for quality in everything from restaurants to entertainment to shopping.

And where the celebrities are, so follow tabloid-types. Did you know, for example, that for an entire summer, a French con artist had The Hamptons believing he was a Rockefeller? Or that Billy Joel has (on more than one occasion) been stopped for reckless driving? Or that Madonna, while horseback riding, took a spill when her horse was spooked by a paparazzo. Speaking of accidents, Matt Lauer was injured when avoiding a collision with a deer when he was out bike riding near his home.

The Hampton Classic — one of the country’s largest hunter/jumper horse shows — is both a major international-draw sporting competition and one of the most extravagant social events of The Hampton’s summer season. 2012’s all-new Taylor Harris Triple Crown Challenge offers a spectacular $200,000 top prize for any show jumping rider that can put together back to back to back wins at three of the nation’s most prestigious grand prix events.

The glacial Ronkonkoma Moraine hills that run through the north part gradually flatten out into a sandy plain that leads to the Atlantic’s barrier beach, putting winter sports and fantastic fishing and surfing close at hand. Huge draws are the impressive swells off fashionable Main Beach. The Gulf Stream currents are so warm that those who treasure the outdoors are as drawn to this area as those who just want to such an ambiance to call home year-round.

The Hamptons are an area where folks care about, and take care of, the environment. Nature Centers and ecological projects abound. Historical events such as the Nature Centers, ecological projects and historical events tied to the countryside abound.

As Corcoran realtor Susan Breitenbach explains, “The dynamic Hamptons are rapidly evolving from summer getaway to country retreat…a place where those with busy lives elsewhere are investing more and more of their precious leisure time year round.”




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